Why Stock Market?

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A stock portfolio will always consist of multiple stocks. At any particular time, some stocks will perform while others will not perform. Your portfolio returns will be the average of both.

During a good market, your portfolio can give you a return as high as 30-35% (benchmark index nifty50). However, during a bad market- the returns can be as low as 2-5% and even negative.

If you sum up everything, you can expect an annual return of 15-18%, depending on which stocks you have invested. Nevertheless, you can generate even better return if you even the basis of stock market and know how it works.

Your portfolio should not be over or under diversified. Do not invest all your money in a single stock and a single point of time. It increases the risk in your portfolio. Always invest by pyramiding your investment. Diversify your portfolio by purchasing multiple stocks from different sectors

In general, you should not buy more than 5-7 stocks as it becomes really difficult for a retail investor to monitor more stocks. Besides, over-diversification kills the profit.

I will answer this question a quote :

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.”

hope you got your answer.

Truly speaking, investing in IPOs is not very profitable. Investing in IPOs in bull market may be somewhat profitable. The real test of a company is during the bear market. Although you can invest in IPOs for listing gains.

Nevertheless, few IPOs has given amazing returns to its shareholders in the past for long consistent years. If you are able to find such IPOs which are very promising then feel free to invest in them. However, in general, most IPOs are not worth investing.

Small caps companies have the calibre to grow faster compared to the large caps. There can be a number of stocks in the small-cap sector which might not have been discovered by the market yet. However, their true potential is still untested. Overall, investing in small caps can be more profitable than large caps if you’re investing in right stocks.

Yes, stock pattern work but there are different pattern so now the question arises which pattern works. The answer is that different follow different patterns so by doing backtesting we need to check which pattern is working on the stock. The backtesting duration should be atleast 2-3 years.

The answer is that it depends on:

  • How much risk you can take.
  • How fast can you analyze price action(for intraday)?
  • How volatile and liquid is your market?
  • Backtesting on the stock for the same pattern

Yes and a price action trader has the advantage of reacting to price movements directly because indicators are derivatives of price itself. Price Action helps in better execution which is a big deal for rapid scalping

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